How To Gain Experience Working Abroad While Getting Paid 

Elevate is a career advancement consulting company that helps individuals improve their professional skills and attract more opportunities abroad.

Elevate specializes in helping our candidates gain confidence in their ability to succeed abroad through the Bridge USA Exchange Visitor Program  (previously called J1).

What You Will Gain: 
Moving People

  • How to upgrade your resume to better attract employers

  • How to make your LinkedIn stand out 

  • How to simplify the Bridge USA Visa process with our step by step guidance

  • How to prepare and pass the Exchange Visitor Program Visa Interview 

  • How to get practical work experience abroad

  • How to be comfortable in an international work culture 

How Elevate's  1:1 In-Person or Online Consulting is Different

  • Personalized consulting - Our experienced coaches offer advice specific to your potential career path

  • Individualized 1:1 in-person OR online meeting - We offer in person or online consultation depending on your schedule and needs 

  • Work abroad - Unlike other programs like 遊學, you will gain the opportunity to not just travel and study, but also work and potentially get paid abroad

  • Professional Support  - Our trainers are dedicated (committed) to your professional growth 

  • Pre-established relationships with Designated Sponsors - Various sponsors already partner with us to help you through your stay 

  • Diverse Opportunities Abroad - We work with companies in various locations and industries

Business Meeting
On a Video Call
We Provide In-Person or Online Training and Guidance
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Elevate is Right For You if:
  • You are a new college graduate

  • You are career oriented

  • You are focused on building and advancing professionally

  • You want to work for a multinational company

  • You are considering joining a  遊學

  • You are looking to gain practical work experience abroad

  • You want to add valuable skills to your professional resume


​​"Working with Christina, I found her as a person with great expertise and deep education of the recruiting and business/tech world. It's been a real pleasure working together with Christina and being recruited by her. Christina is a self motivated recruiter, who will always get the job done. She's a creative, detail oriented and energetic perfectionist. Christina never refuses you when you ask her for help. It's amazing to work with such a person."

- Esteban Cheng, Sales Professional




"Christina is an amazing individual. Her ability to scope out great talent paired with her upbeat personality and charisma is why she is highly successful in her field. Her follow up in impeccable and her candidates TRUST and love her and now that I am working in the recruiting industry as well, I understand even more now why she would be an asset to any company. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that see's the value of building and developing an all-star team." - Raphael Vizcarra, Enterprise Customer Success Manager

About Us

Christina Rowe graduated from the University of California San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and International Studies and has a Master’s Graduate Degree from the University of San Francisco with high honors in Global Entrepreneurship Management. She has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, the heart of the tech industry,  for the last 6 years  at multinational companies such as Yelp & Microsoft’s LinkedIn. She has an expertise in Recruiting and HR where she helps guide individuals through their careers. She has doubled departments within large corporations through her recruiting efforts. She has worked with multicultural teams and has experience in cross-cultural communication, specifically within her Taiwanese ethnicity. Now currently residing in Taipei, she is the perfect person to train individuals to succeed in companies abroad and elevate their own careers.